Alexander Degtyarev (1951-2020)

Alexander Degtyarev

Academician Alexander Degtyarev passed away on November 24, 2020. He was General Designer and General Director of Yuzhnoye Design Office, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. He directly participated in the development of ballistic rocket systems, participated in the projects on Zenit, Cyclone, Dnepr, Mayak launch vehicles modernization and also conceptual projects on the development of commercial spacecraft and satellite systems. He directly participated in the formation of principal directions of works on creation and implementation of Sea Launch Project, managerial and functional structure of the company and contract plan of the project. He also opened a new field of Yuzhnoye’s activity, entering the international market and bringing in foreign partners as customers. Academician of National Academy of Science of Ukraine. Author of 38 inventions and more than 80 publications. He was elected a Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Astronautics in 2002 and a Member in 2005. He was also IAA Vice-President for Scientific Activities.

Photo: IAA Academician Alexander Degtyarev, Member Engineering Sciences Section