7th annual Space Traffic Management conference

Austin TX, USA
7th annual Space Traffic Management conference26-27 January 2021
STM 2021
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Space Traffic Management

The Space Security and Safety (SSS) Program at The University of Texas at Austin’s Strauss Center and the Cockrell School of Engineering, in partnership with the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), will hold the 7th annual Space Traffic Management conference, “Trust, But Verify: Incentivizing Compliance Through Shared Monitoring and Assessment.” The conference will take place virtually via Zoom webinar on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, and Wednesday, January 27. The conference is being organized by SSS Program Lead Dr. Moriba Jah, and non-resident SSS scholar Diane Howard.

Experts from all over the world will virtually gather to discuss and exchange ideas on space traffic management. Technical sessions will range from topics like Range Management, Airspace/Orbital Space Integration, Space Safety, Security, and Sustainability, Space Environment Effects and Impacts and Related Issues.

Details are forthcoming on abstract submittal, registration, scheduling, etc.

STM 2021 Call for Papers soon available.

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All media needs to be accredited to access the venue center. A link to media accreditations will be provided.

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Diane Howard
U.S. Dept. of Commerce
Moriba Jha
The University of Texas at Austin
William H. Ailor
William H. Ailor
Riccardo Bevilacqua
University of Florida Associate Professor
Jean-Michel Contant
Jean-Michel Contant
IAA Secretary General
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