IAA Meetings

IAA Meetings - Overview

The International Academy of Astronautics organize regularly technical meetings of Standing Committees, Permanent Committees, Study Groups, Commissions, Program Committees and other.

IAA Spring Meetings

Monday 22 March 2021, Paris, France
08h00-10h00 Publications & Communication Cttee meeting, Chair Marius-Ioan Piso (by invitation only)
09h00-12h00 History Committee meeting, Co-Chairs Otfrid Liepack and Kerrie Dougherty
10h00-12h00 Acta Editorial Board meeting, Chair JS. Chern
12h30-13h00 Restricted plenary meeting Commissions (by invitat. only) Chair A. Perminov
13h00-16h00 Commission 1 meeting
13h00-16h00 Commission 2 meeting
13h00-16h00 Commission 3 meeting
13h00-16h00 Commission 4 meeting
13h00-16h00 Commission 5 meeting
13h00-16h00 Commission 6 meeting
16h00-18h00 Scientific Activities Committee (SAC) meeting, Chair A. Perminov (by invitation only)

Tuesday 23 March 2021, Paris, France
09h00-11h30 Awards & Membership Committee meeting, Chair Chrysoula Kourtidou-Papadeli (by invitation only)
12h30-13h30 Finance Committee meeting, Chair John Schumacher (by invitation only)
14h00-17h00 Board of Trustees meeting, Chair Peter Jankowitsch
19h00 Cocktail-Dinner (Cercle National des Armées – in advance registration only)

IAA Fall Meetings

Saturday 23 October 2021, Dubai, UAE
IAA Space Debris Committee meeting
IAA Commission Plenary meeting (by invitation only)
IAA Commission 1 meeting
IAA Commission 2 meeting
IAA Commission 3 meeting
IAA Commission 4 meeting
IAA Commission 5 meeting
IAA Commission 6 meeting
IAA Scientific Activities Committee meeting (SAC) (by invitation only)

Sunday 24 October 2021, Dubai, UAE
IAA Academy Day
IAA Board of Trustees meeting (BOT) (by invitation only)

IAA Commission / Committee Meetings