Commissions Overview

Each Commission conducts twice a year open meetings in order to get fresh ideas, so it does not work in a vacuum. However, only the ten Commission members are entitled to decide and the Commission decision mode is by consensus. This decision making process takes place after the open meeting, preferably by email, phone, etc to allow members of the commissions not present at the meeting to participate in the decision. The rules to define the composition and role of the IAA commissions are defined on the IAA Bylaws as listed below.

Excerpt from Bylaws:


7.1 In order to provide opportunities for initiation of focused activities, to facilitate and observe such activities, enable the exchange of ideas and information among interested members of the Academy and recommend appropriate measures relating to the establishment and activities of Program Committees and Study Groups to the Board of Trustees, six Academy Commissions shall be established, namely: Commission I on Space Physical Sciences; Commission II on Space Life Sciences; Commission III on Space Technology and System Development; Commission IV on Space Systems, Operations and Utilization; Commission V on Space Policy, Law and Economics; Commission VI on Space and Society, Culture and Education. The initial general scopes of responsibility of each of the Academy Commissions are shown for information in Appendix 1 of these Bylaws. The scopes may be amended by majority Board decisions in the future.

7.2 The officers of each Academy Commission shall be a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson and a Secretary. They shall be appointed by the President upon recommendation of the Vice-President for Scientific Activities for a term of two years. The Vice Chairperson shall succeed the Chairperson at the expiration of his term of office. Each Academy Commission shall be composed of members appointed by the President upon the recommendation of the Vice-President for Scientific Activities. The Chairpersons of the relevant Program Committees and Study Groups shall serve as ex-officio members of the respective Academy Commissions. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons of the Academy Commissions shall be selected from among the Members of the Academy, the Secretary and other members of the Commissions may be either Members or Corresponding Members of the Academy.

7.3 Academy Commissions may establish ad hoc Advisory Groups to help in reviewing selected study topics.

7.4 Upon recommendation of the Vice President for Scientific Activities, the respective Chairperson of an Academy Commission or petition of at least 15 Members and/or Corresponding Members, the Board shall be empowered to establish appropriate Program Committees and Study Groups. Members and/or Corresponding Members wishing to organize a Program Committee or a Study Group shall submit their proposal to an Academy Commission with the most appropriate scope. Such proposal shall include the terms of reference of the body concerned, the length of time needed for completion of its task, proposed membership, secondary interest in another Academy Commission, if any, and other useful information. If endorsed by the respective Academy Commissions, the proposal shall be transmitted to the Scientific Activities Committee for its approval. The Vice-President for Scientific Activities shall inform the Board of Trustees of the establishment of all Program Committees and Study Groups and shall report on the progress of their work.

7.5 The Vice-President for Scientific Activities shall recommend to the President the appointment of the Chairpersons and members of the Program Committees and Study Groups. The Officers of the Program Committees and Study Groups shall be the Chairperson, one or more Co-Chairpersons and a Secretary. The Officers shall be either Members or Corresponding Members. They shall remain in office for the lifetime of the task concerned. The membership of Program Committees and Study Groups shall include Members and Corresponding Members, as well as non-Members who are distinguished in the respective subjects of interest of these bodies.

7.6 Each Program Committee shall focus on accomplishing specific assignments over a period of time and shall organize conferences, sessions or symposia of the Academy on particular topics. The Terms of Reference for all Program Committees are contained in the reports of the Board of Trustees.

7.7 The Study Groups shall aim at producing multidisciplinary time-limited studies on various topics, which should result in cosmic study reports and position papers. All such documents shall be subject to approval of the Board of Trustees before releases as official Academy documents. The Study Groups may also convene special symposia.

IAA Criteria and Rules for Commission Membership

The Academy commissions were created in 2001 under the leadership of former Vice-President Scientific Activities Gerhard Haerendel who created the initial set of rules.

  1. IAA Commission Membership Rules

 During the past years, the membership rules have been regularly discussed, amended, voted by the Board and are in phase with the general principles of the Academy: the Vice‐President makes the final decision for the slate in any standing committee as self re‐nomination of any group is not acceptable, engage newly elected, fair geographical distribution and one third renewal of any group at each term. As one of the key elements of membership involvement in Academy committees is the active participation, priority is given to the active participants of IAA commissions, IAA program committees and conferences, IAA permanent committees and IAA studies.

1.1‐ The IAA commission vice‐Chair becomes automatically the Chair at the next term,

1.2‐ The IAA commission Chair remains one more term as past‐Chair, and can no longer be re‐nominated in any commission,

1.3‐ The IAA commission Secretary is not necessarily promoted to vice‐Chair,

1.4‐ Application of the general Academy rule of one‐third membership renewal, therefore each IAA commission must bring a minimum of new Academicians at each term,

1.5‐ Priority to nominate recently elected full Members. CM can eventually be proposed if they are on

current list for election as Member,

1.6‐ Inactive IAA Commission members are not renewed or may be dismissed before the end of term after two consecutive absences or missing to respond by email or vote.

IAA Commission Mandate Rules

 1.10‐ Commissions oversee study groups, program committees and permanent committees

1.11‐ Study groups are in charge of the studies,

1.12‐ Program Committees are in charge of the Symposia, conferences,

1.13‐ Regarding the Commission Membership process, the Commissions provide proposals for membership nomination. The commission nomination is finalized by the Vice‐President Scientific Activities, presented to the Board for endorsement and appointment is made by the Secretary General.

  1. IAA Commission Leadership Duties (Chair, Vice‐Chair and Secretary):

 The work of commission members cannot rely only on two online meetings per year. In order to support the work of the commissions throughout the year additional teleconferences may be added.

Commission leadership duties are as follow:

‐2.1 Have knowledge of all on‐going commission activities such as status on on‐going studies and conferences in their commission area,

‐2.2 Have knowledge of all IAA commissions, conferences and studies status and guidelines,

‐2.3 Manage all commission activities,

‐2.4 Ensure regular communications throughout the year with all IAA stand alone conference chairs and the IAA office,

‐2.5 Ensure regular communications throughout the year with all leaders of IAA symposia in various for a (such as COSPAR, IAC, ISPRS, etc.),

‐2.6 Ensure regular communications throughout the year with all study group leadership team (Chair,

co‐chair and secretary),

‐2.7 Work as a team with the IAA office and ensure regular proactive communications throughout the year. Communicate any issue as soon as they arise and not wait for teleconferences. An open commission meeting is not the place for an exchange on general internal administrative topic. That must be addressed directly to IAA office throughout the year as soon it arises,

‐2.8 In coordination with the IAA office, request all study group and all conference reports one months prior to commission meetings and for efficient meeting preparation distribute it among commission members and copy the IAA office,

‐2.9 Request PowerPoint presentations from all on‐going studies and past and future conferences at each meeting,

‐2.10 IAA templates for commission meeting (agenda, minutes, and PowerPoint presentations) are available at IAA office and are required for homogeneous presentations throughout IAA scientific activities.

In addition to the duties above, commission leaders must also fulfill the regular IAA commission member duties (see below).

  1. IAA Commission Member Duties (All):

 Commission member duties are twofold: the studies and the conferences.

Regarding the studies, the commission member duties are to:

‐3.1 vote on new study proposals,

‐3.2 oversee commission ongoing studies,

‐3.3 read diligently the entire study final drafts prior to review and voting,

‐3.4 vote on study final draft for commission approval,

‐3.5 actively propose new study topics

For the conferences they are two types of IAA conferences: standalone conferences and IAA symposia in various fora (such as COSPAR, IAC, ISPRS, etc.). The dominant activity is the stand alone conferences totaling more than double of the IAA fora. Commission member duties related to the conferences are to:

‐3.6 oversee on‐going conferences related to commission area,

‐3.7 provide input when needed,

‐3.8 support conference program committees

‐3.9 actively propose new conference topics

Emails consultation and internal votes in commissions are a key contribution to the Academy and participation to those votes is mandatory.

  1. IAA Commission Duties (All):

 Commission member unable to fulfill the above tasks are rotated at any time during the two‐year term

and are replaced by an active member.

IAA Scientific Activities Survey

IAA Newly Elected Members and Academicians were invited to participate as guest to any open meetings of the IAA Commissions. Open meetings of Commissions, by definition, allow access to all Members and Corresponding Members of the Academy as well as non IAA Academicians. Those meetings are excellent opportunities to get a broad overview of the Academy concrete activity in a given area. The commission work is mainly management related but real engagement expected from newly elected members is contributing or joining either a study group or/and a program committee of an IAA conference (either a standalone Academy conference, a Regional Meeting, an Academy symposium of the International Astronautical Congress or an Academy symposium of a Scientific Assembly of COSPAR).

As decided by the Board of Trustees (BOT), IAA survey forms were sent yearly to newly elected Academicians since 2006 and it has been sent also sometimes to the entire Academy. Decision to use data survey was left to the Commissions and the Study Groups leaders.

Commissions Leaders 2023-2025



As of October 27, 2023







Space Physical
Space Life Sciences Space Technology & System Development Space System Operation & Utilisation Space Policy Law
& Economy
Space & Society,
Culture & Education
CHAIR Schwehm Gerhard (Germany) Kyparos Antonios (Greece) Razoumny Yury (Russia) Gasbarri Paolo (Italy) Alary Didier (France) Bannova Olga (USA)
VICE CHAIR Medina Tanco Gustavo (Argentina) Hellweg Christine (Germany) Flamenbaum Serge (France) von der Ohe Martin (Germany) Kitazawa Yukihito (Japan) Haeuplik-Meusburger Sandra (Austria)
SECRETARY  Yano Hajime (Japan) Kussmaul Anna (Russia)
Spencer David (USA)
Mugellesi-Dow Roberta (Italy)
Lansard Erick (France) Bohlmann Ulrike (Germany)
PAST CHAIR Lopes Rosaly (Brazil) Deng Yulin (China) Genta Giancarlo (Italy) Laufer Rene (Germany) Arrigo Gabriella (Italy)  Liepack Otfrid (USA)
Commission 1 - Space Physical Sciences


– Planetary, Interplanetary and Interstellar Exploration
– Astronomy
– Earth Sciences
– Space Physics
– Space Weather
– Space Material Sciences
– Basic Science in General


Schwehm Gerhard H.

Medina Tanco Gustavo

Yano Hajime

Past Chair
Lopes Rosaly M.C.

Bao Weimin
Bhardwaj Anil
Contant Jean-Michel
Court Andrew J
Coustenis Athena
Cozmuta Ioana
Dominik Martin
Fomina Elena
Garrett Michael A
Genta Giancarlo
Georgoulis Manolis
Graziani Filippo
Gruntman Mike
Gurvits Leonid
Kinai Shigeki
Klos Zbigniew
Kourtidou-Papadeli Chrysoula
Kuznetsov Vladimir D.
Liebermann Randy
Maccone Claudio
McNutt, Jr. Ralph L.
Michel Patrick
Piso Marius-Ioan
Rajeev Kunjukrishnapillai
Ramachandran Radhika
Schindler Sabine
Schumacher John D
Shematovich Valery
Siemion Andrew P.V
Smirnov Nickolay N
Turyshev Vyacheslav G
Ulamec Stephan
Varotsos Costas A
Vial Jean-Claude
Visser Pieter N
Viviani Antonio
Xue Yong
Yu Dengyun
Zarnecki John C
Zelenyi Lev M
Zielinski Janusz B.

Online meeting, 11 March 2024, 17h00-19h00

Minutes, 05 September 2022
Minutes, 22 March 2022

Commission 2 - Space Life Sciences


– Space Physiology and Medicine
– Human Factors
– Space and Planetary Biology and Biophysics
– Biotechnology and Life Support
– Astrobiology
– Life Sciences in General


Kyparos Antonios

Hellweg Christine

Kussmaul Anna

Past Chair
Deng Yulin

Bamidis Panagiotis
Bannova Olga
Bao Weimin
Buravkova Ludmila
Chouker Alexander
Contant Jean-Michel
Contant Olivier
Cotuk Hasan B
Coustenis Athena
Cozmuta Ioana
Davis Jeffrey
Doarn Charles R
Du Jichen
Egli Marcel
Flamenbaum Serge
Fogarty Jennifer A
Fomina Elena
Genta Giancarlo
Golemis Adrianos
Goswami Nandu
Graef Peter
Graziani Filippo
Haeuplik-Meusburger Sandra
Haignere Jean-Pierre
Kinai Shigeki
Kourtidou-Papadeli Chrysoula
Liebermann Randy
Liepack Otfrid G.
Maillet Alain
Mano Tadaaki
McNutt, Jr. Ralph
Medina Tanco Gustavo Adolfo
Mugellesi Dow Roberta
Mukai Chiaki
Njemanze Philip C
Orlov Oleg I
Piso Marius-Ioan
Prunariu Dumitru-Dorin
Reitz Guenther
Rittweger Joern
Russomano Thais
Schumacher John D
Schwehm Gerhard H.
Spencer David B
Tomilovskaya Elena S.
Yano Hajime
Zhuang Fengyuan


Online meeting, 13 March 2024, 2pm Paris time

Commission 3 - Space Technology & System Development


– Research and Development to Enable Future Space Activities
– Human Exploration of the Solar System
– Development of New Space Facilities in or Beyond Earth Orbit
– Advanced Propulsion
– Interstellar Space Exploration
– Engineering Sciences in General
– Space Resources


Razoumny Yury

Flamenbaum Serge

Spencer David

Past Chair
Genta Giancarlo

Abdussalam Saleh R.Gashoot
Agrawal Brij N
Al-Sahhaf Nasr
Ashok Venkateswaran
Astorg Jean-Marc
Bacsardi Laszlo
Bao Weimin
Bevilacqua Riccardo
Burns Jack O
Cappelletti Chantal
Chambers Robert
Chen Jie
Chen Jun
Chesley Bruce C
Chia Tomukum
Choi Joon-Min
Contant Jean-Michel
Contant Olivier
Corredor Carlos G
Court Andrew J
Coustenis Athena
Cozmuta Ioana
Djojodihardjo Harijono HR
Fomina Elena
Graziani Filippo
Gross Michael A.
Guerman Anna D
Ismail Abdul M.
Johnson Les C.
Karidhal Ritu
Kawaguchi Junichiro
Kinai Shigeki
Kourtidou-Papadeli Chrysoula
Liebermann Randy
Lu Yu
Mankins John C
McNutt, Jr. Ralph
Misra Arun K
Moccia Antonio
Okninski Adam M.
Pan Binfeng
Perino Maria Antonietta
Piso Marius-Ioan
Pontani Mauro
Reibaldi Giuseppe G
Saggese Enrico
Sankaran Muthusamy
Schilling Klaus J
Schumacher John D
Sellers Jerry J
Shi Xinxing
Sigur Wanda A
Song Zhengyu
Swan Peter A
Turyshev Vyacheslav G
Varotsos Costas A
Ventskovsky Oleg
Vila Jerome
Vulpetti Giovanni
Welch Christopher S
Wood Danielle R
Xie Yongchun
Xue Yong
Yang Hong
Zhu Zheng Hong


Virtual Meeting, 16 March 2021, 17h00-19h00, Paris time zone (CET)

Minutes, 19 October 2019, Washington DC, USA
Minutes, 25 March 2019, Paris, France
Minutes, 29 September 2018, Bremen, Germany
Minutes, 26 March 2018, Paris, France
Minutes, 23 September 2017, Adelaide meeting
Minutes, 20 March 2017, Paris, France
Minutes, 24 September 2016, Guadalajara meeting
Minutes, 21 March 2016, Paris meeting
Minutes, 10 October 2015, Jerusalem meeting
Minutes, 23 March 2015, Paris meeting
Minutes, 27 September 2014, Toronto meeting
Minutes, 17 March 2014, Paris meeting
Minutes, 21 September 2013, Beijing meeting
Minutes, 18 March 2013, Paris meeting
Minutes, 30 September 2012, Naples meeting
Minutes, 12 March 2012, Paris meeting
Minutes, 2nd October 2011, Cape Town meeting
Minutes, 21-22 March 2011, Paris meeting


Minutes, 26 September 2010, Prague meeting
Minutes, 23 March 2010, Paris meeting
Minutes, 11 october 2009, Daejeon meeting
Minutes, 17 March 2009, Paris meeting
Minutes, 28 September 2008, Glasgow meeting
Minutes, 26 March 2008, Paris meeting
Minutes, 28 September 2007. Hyderabad meeting
Minutes, 23 September 2007. Hyderabad meeting
Minutes, 20 March 2007. Paris meeting
Minutes, 1st October 2006, Valencia meeting
Minutes , 16 and 21 October 2005, Fukuoka meeting
Minutes , 29 September 2003, Bremen meeting

Commission 4 - Space System Operations & Utilization


– Space Activities and New Concepts That Directly Relate to Space Operations and Utilization
– Communications, Remote Sensing, and Navigation Satellites
– Small Satellites for Developing Nations, Countries Emerging in Space Technology, and Earth Observation
– Safety, Rescue and Quality
– EVA Protocols and Operations
– Utilization of Space Facilities Such As Space Stations


Laufer Rene

Gasbarri Paolo

Mugellesi Dow Roberta

Past Chair
Ovchinnikov Michael

Alkalai Leon
Balogh Werner
Belokonov Igor V
Cho Mengu
da Silva Curiel Alex
Gratton Livio R
Graziani Filippo
Hetscher Matthias V
Holm Jeanne M
Horikawa Yasushi
Hornstein Rhoda S
Ishikawa Yoji
Kashanov Oleksandr
Kawashima Rei
Mostert Sias
Nogawa Yuichiro
Sandau Rainer
Schilling Klaus J
Terzibaschian Thomas


Virtual Meeting, 16 March 2021, 14h00-16h00, Paris time zone (CET)

Minutes, Washington meeting, 19 October, 2019
Minutes, Paris meeting, March 2019
Minutes, Bremen meeting, 29 September, 2018
Minutes, Paris meeting, March 26, 2018
Minutes, Adelaide meeting, September 23, 2017
Minutes, Paris meeting, March 20, 2017
Minutes, Guadalajara meeting, September 24, 2016
Minutes, Paris meeting, March 21, 2016
Minutes, Jerusalem meeting, October 10, 2015
Minutes, Paris meeting, March 23, 2015
Minutes, Toronto meeting, September 27, 2014
Minutes Paris meeting, March 17, 2014
Minutes Beijing meeting, September 21, 2013
Minutes Paris meeting, March 18, 2013
Minutes Naples meeting, 30 September, 2012
Minutes Cape Town meeting, October 2nd, 2011
Minutes Paris meeting, March 22, 2011


Minutes Toulouse meeting September 30, 2001
Minutes Paris meeting March 18, 2002
Minutes Houston meeting October 12, 2002
Minutes Paris meeting March 17, 2003
Minutes Bremen meeting September 29, 2003
Minutes Vancouver meeting, October 3, 2004
Minutes Paris meeting, March 22, 2005
Minutes Fukuoka meeting, October 15, 2005
Minutes Valencia meeting, October 1st, 2006
Minutes Paris meeting, March 20, 2007
Minutes (draft) Hyderabad meeting, September 23, 2007
Minutes Paris meeting, March 26, 2008
Minutes Glasgow meeting, September 28, 2008
Minutes Paris meeting, March 17, 2009
Minutes Daejeon meeting, October 11, 2009
Minutes Paris meeting, March 23, 2010
Minutes Prague meeting, September 26, 2010

Commission 5 - Space Policies, Law & Economics


– Global Policy Issues
– International Cooperation and Competition
– Intergovernmental Relations
– Management
– Political Science, Sociology, Psychology
– Social Science in General
– Space Law, Scientific-legal Liaison
– Economic Issues Associated With Developing New Space Applications Such As Solar Power Satellites
– Public Space Travel
– Space Debris
– Economics of Launch Systems
– Financing
– Commercialization and Privatization Issues in General
– Secondary Interest in Areas Such As Space Debris and SETI


Alary Didier

Kitazawa Yukihito

Lansard Erick

Past Chair
Arrigo Gabriella

Aoki Setsuko
Bevilacqua Riccardo
Bohlmann Ulrike M
Bonnal Christophe
Chern Jeng-Shing
Chia Tomukum
Contant Jean-Michel
Cozmuta Ioana
Davidian Kenneth J
Duvaux-Bechon Isabelle
Flohrer Tim
Gowrisankar Dhandapani
Graziano Mariella
Haqq-Misra Jacob
Hasbi Wahyudi
Hovmork Geir
Jah Moriba K.
Jorgenson Corinne M.
Kuriyama Ikuko
Lenard Roger X
Liebermann Randy
Liu Jizhong
McGillis Charlie
McKnight Darren S
McNutt, Jr. Ralph L.
Mejia-Kaiser Martha
Molette Pierre
Pace Scott N
Peeters Walter A.R.
Piso Marius-Ioan
Pop Virgiliu
Pozdniakov Dmytro
Schmidt-Tedd Bernhard
Schumacher John D
Stilwell Ruth E.
Tennen Leslie I
Tinoco Janet
von der Ohe Martin
Wood Danielle R


Online meeting, March 11, 2024, 14h00-16h00
Minutes meeting, September 18, 2023
Minutes meeting, March 20, 2023
Minutes meeting, September 05, 2022
Minutes meeting, October 11, 2021
Minutes meeting, March 15, 2021

Commission 6 - Space, Society, Culture & Education


Societal Needs
– Environmental Issues – Energy, Green, Sustainability, Waste, Water
– Health and Well-being
– Influence of Space on Society Drivers
– Technology and Knowledge Transfer

Education and Outreach
– Communications, Public Relations, Information Dissemination, Media
– Education – Teaching, Learning, Training, Workforce Development
– Space Awareness, Impact of Space Activities

Art and Culture
– Applied Arts, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Plastic Arts, Visual Arts
– Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design
– Cultural Studies, Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology
– Fashion and Lifestyle
– Literature, Science Fiction
– SETI – Social and Cultural Dimensions
– Terminology in Space Activities

Humanities and History
– History of Astronautics and Space Science
– Museums and Libraries
– Philosophy, Ethics, Religion
– Sociology, Astrosociology


Bannova Olga

Haeuplik-Meusburger Sandra

Bohlmann Ulrike M

Past Chair
Liepack Otfrid G.

Arnould Jacques
Bacsardi Laszlo
Boles Vincent C
Chia Tomukum
Chong Yean Joo
Ciancone Michael L
Clerc Philippe
Contant Jean-Michel
Cozmuta Ioana
Dominik Martin
Gowrisankar Dhandapani
Gurvits Leonid
Harris Wesley L
Karidhal Ritu
Laidet Louis
Landeros Ayala Salvador
Languedoc Geoffrey ED
Lenard Roger X
Liebermann Randy
Madry Scott L.H.
McNutt, Jr. Ralph L.
Medina Tanco Gustavo Adolfo
Piotelat Elisabeth
Pletser Vladimir
Pop Virgiliu
Ramirez de Arellano y Haro Rosa Maria
Regel Liya L
Sarah Maria-Gabriella
Schumacher John D
Skoog A Ingemar
Tennen Leslie I
Welch Christopher S
Wood Danielle R


Online Meeting, 13 March 2024, 17h00-19h00, Paris time (CET)

Meeting Minutes, 19 September 2023