International Academy of Astronautics President’s Statement on Ukraine

The International Academy of Astronautics is an independent, nongovernmental organization that brings together the world’s foremost, eminent experts in space-related disciplines for the good of humanity. It is an organization that fosters international cooperation and understanding.

The Academy is deeply concerned on the evolution of the conflict involving Russia against Ukraine. Both nations have strong presence in the Academy by their distinguished scientists, engineers and space leaders.

IAA is an organization that deeply respects and values each of our Members. As always we stand in support of any of our colleagues in difficulty and we have a special thought for our Ukrainian colleagues, their families and their communities.

Given the continuation of the conflict we have suspended IAA meetings, symposia and conferences in Russia and, due to obvious security reasons, in Ukraine.

Our Academy will continue to work collaboratively on its important activities with participation and collaboration among Academicians from across the globe, and as always, we will ensure all of our activities are conducted with the highest ethical standards.

The work of our Academy is more important today than ever. We continue our work for the betterment of humanity as we look forward to the immediate restoration of peace.


John Schumacher
President, International Academy of Astronautics