2023 Laurels Artemis 1 Mission Team

IAA Laurels 2023 Artemis 1 Mission Team

On the occasion of the Academy Day Baku held on October 1st, 2023, the IAA 2023 Laurels for Team Achievement Award was presented to the International Artemis 1 Mission Team.

The 2023 Laurels for Team Achievement recognizing extraordinary performance and achievement by a team of scientists, engineers, technicians, and managers in the field of Astronautics, are given to the Artemis 1 Team. The highly successful international Artemis 1 flight test mission lasted for 25.5 days and traveled over 1.4 million miles on a journey from Earth to the Moon and beyond; and then a safe return to Earth. The Artemis 1 mission proved that NASA’s Space Launch System deep Space rocket, Orion spacecraft, and the ground systems needed for launch and recovery are ready to fly astronauts on missions to the Moon. The SLS rocket flew as designed and with precision; the Orion spacecraft and European Service Module successfully completed all test objectives during a journey of nearly 270,000 miles beyond the Moon and farther than any spacecraft built for humans has flown. The Artemis program is intended to be the broadest and most diverse international human space exploration coalition in history.

Photo: John Schumacher (USA), Jean-Michel Contant (France), Elena Fomina (Russia), Marius-Ioan Piso (Romania), Ralph McNutt (USA) and Amit Kshatriya (USA).