2023 Laurels Chang’e-5 Mission Team

Laurels 2023 Chang'e-5 Mission Team

On the occasion of the Academy Day Baku held on October 1st, 2023, the IAA 2023 Laurels for Team Achievement Award was presented to the Chang’e-5 Mission Team.

The 2023 Laurels for Team Achievements are given to the Chang’e-5 Team. During the 23-day mission, the Chang’e-5 team successfully completed a complex mission including rocket launching, lunar-earth transfer, lunar sampling, lunar surface takeoff, rendezvous and docking sample transfer, skip re-entry and other processes, and obtained two types of lunar samples of lunar surface sampling and drilling sampling, making outstanding contributions to human lunar and deep space exploration. Through the Chang’e-5 mission, we discovered a new lunar mineral Chang’e-stone, revealed the existence of magmatic activity on the Moon up to 2 billion years, and found a high content of solar wind-caused water.

Photo: Chang’e-5 Mission Team.