Academy Day Baku October 1st, 2023

Academy Day
International Academy of Astronautics (IAA)
Baku, Azerbaijan
Sunday October 1st, 2023


09h30  Opening of the Academy Day, John Schumacher, IAA President,
09h45 Laurels for Team Achievement to the International Artemis 1 Mission Team, NASA.
10h05 Laurels for Team Achievement to the Emirates Mars Mission Team, Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre/UAE Space Agency/Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado Boulder, USA (Mohsen Al Awadhi)
11h00 Laurels for Team Achievement to the Chang’e-5 Team, CNSA (Wang Qiong, Ren Junjie)

11h45 Lunch (upon registration) Room B1-B2

13h00  32nd IAA Regular Meeting (restricted access) and Induction of the 2023-2025 Board of Trustees

14h45 SG 5.20 Establishing “Rules of the Road” for Satellite Collision Avoidance Maneuver Planning (David Spencer)
15h00 SG 3.30 Space & its Utility in Forecasting & Mitigating Climate Change (Roger Lenard)
15h15 SG 3.31 Solar Energy from Space: A Decadal Revisit to the first International Assessment of  Opportunities, Issues and Potential Pathways Forward (John Mankins)
15h30 SG 2.14 Medical Support for an International Human Expedition to Mars (Elena Fomina)
15h45 SG 3.35 Artificial Intelligence Technologies for Space (Pan Binfeng)
16h00 SG 1.16 Nowcasting Extreme Cosmic Ray Events (Xue Yong)
16h15 SG 4.27 Low cost highly autonomous small satellite constellation for deep space exploration (Yuichiro Nogawa)
16h30 SG 5.19 Opportunities for National Governments to Foster Space Traffic Management using the Space Sustainability Rating (Danielle Wood)
16h30 Discussion
17h00 End of Session

18h30 Cocktails (in advance registration) Mugam Club Restaurant, 9 H. Rzayeva Street part of Icheri Sheher, right by the Maiden Tower, Baku 1004 Azerbaijan
19h00 Induction Ceremonies for Newly Elected IAA Academicians (in advance registration)
19h45 Awards Gala Dinner (in advance registration)
21h15 Awards
22h30 End

Photo: IAA