10th Advanced Space Technology

Shanghai, China
10th CSA-IAA Conference on Advanced Space Technology13-16 September 2023
Intro AST 2023
10th Advanced Space Technology Conference

International Academy of Astronautics, Chinese Society of Astronautics and Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology will jointly hold the 10th CSA-IAA Conference on Advanced Space Technology (Shanghai•China) on 13-16 September, 2023. The conference will focus on the theme of “Space in Future”, conduct in-depth discussions on space development, and further expand international cooperation in the field of space.

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AST 2023


1. Development and Prospect in Deep Space Exploration
1) International Lunar Research Station
2) Planetary Exploration
3) Manned Lunar and manned Mars Exploration
4) Asteroid Defense

2. Directions of Space Transportation in Future
1) Heavy Launch Vehicles
2) Reusable Delivery System
3) Non-polluting Form Spectrum of Rocket Development
4) In-orbit and Suborbital Flights
5) Commercial Launch Vehicle

3.New Trends, Breakthroughs of Satellite and its Applications
1) Advanced Satellite Platform Technology
2) New Space Payload Technology
3) Satellite Application Technology
4) Micro Satellite Technology
5) Satellite Network Technology
6) On-orbit Maintenance and Space Debris Mitigation Technology

4. Future Direction of Guidance, Navigation and Control
1) Advanced Control Theory and Method
2) Spacecraft Intelligence/Navigation, Guidance and Control Technology
3) New Type of Sensor, Controller and Actuator Technology
4) Advanced Simulation and Experimental Techniques in Astronautic Control
5) Artificial Intelligence and it’s Application in Astronautic Control

5. Breakthrough Technology in Space Power System
1) New Model of Efficient Conversion of Space Energy and in Situ Utilization
2) New Pattern of Spatial Multisource Dynamic Networking and Comprehensive, Efficient Management
3) New Technology of Energy Storage and Process Control in Dense Space
4) Innovation of Power Degradation Mechanism and Reinforce in Space
5) Innovative Combination of Intellectual and Power Technology
6) Other Advanced Power Related Technology

6. New Mode of Cooperation for Future Space Development
1) Future International Cooperation in Space
2) Exploration and Utilization of Outer Space Resources
3) Building Outer Space Community with a Shared Future


July 10, 2023               Abstract Deadline
July 25, 2023               Author Notification
August 20, 2023          Full Paper Deadline
August 25, 2023          Early Registration Deadline
September 10, 2023    Registration Deadline

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