23rd IAA Humans in Space Symposium 2021

Moscow, Russia
23rd IAA Humans in Space05-08 April 2021
HIS 2021
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Humans in Space

On behalf of the International Academy of Astronautics, the State Space Corporation “Roscosmos”, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Biomedical Problems we are pleased to invite you to register to the Human in Space Symposium to be held on April 5-8, 2021 in Moscow, Russian Federation (online and offline meeting).
Human deep space exploration can be successfully realized only with the cooperation of scientists and specialists from different countries. For many years the Human in Space Symposium, regularly organized by space agencies and organizations of different countries under the auspices of International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), has been being a platform for a fruitful discussion of fundamental problems and practical issues, exchange of research results and ideas in space biology and medicine. Each HIS is a significant milestone on the path of human space exploration.

March 23, 2020: first announcement
October 30, 2020: Call for Papers and Opening of Registration
February 08, 2021: Abstract submission deadline
March 15, 2021: Early Bird Registration deadline
April 5-8, 2021: Symposium (hybrid format, online and face to face meeting)

Radisson Blu Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Centre, Moscow, Russia

HIS 2021 Call for Papers is available.

The Symposium will be organized as a set of plenary and technical sessions and panels in the following areas:

• 60th Anniversary of the First Human Space Flight
• Medical Support in the Autonomous Flight
• Radiation during Deep Space Exploration: Risk Estimation and Countermeasure
• Interplanetary Missions: Vision of Astronauts/Cosmonauts
• The Problems of Muscle and Bones Maintenance during Long-Term Missions
• Changes in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Systems as a Risk of Interplanetary Missions
• Neuroscience, New Approaches and Сoncepts for SANS/VIIP Risk Prevention
• Space Psychology and Human Factors in Interplanetary Missions
• Neuroscience Problems in Deep Space Missions
• Exercise and Countermeasures in the Interplanetary Missions, Countermeasure Evaluation
• Women in Space

• SIRIUS project
• Artificial Gravity
• Bedrest, Immersion and Other Models
• Risk of Hypomagnetic environment
• Space Medicine in Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19
• Space Medicine Technologies helping to solve Public Health Purposes
• Transcriptomics and Genomics in Space – Personalized Medicine
• Immunology and Biochemistry for Personalized Medicine
• Food and Nutrition during Deep Space Missions
• Mars Exploration
• Artificial Intelligence, VR, Telemedicine in Interplanetary Missions and on the Earth
• Life Support System and Habitats
• Astrobiology, Space Biology and Space Biotechnology
• Multidisciplinary Studies related with Humans in Space
• Education and Outreach
• Space Technologies helping to solve Public Health Purposes
• Commercial Spaceflight / Space Tourism

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All media needs to be accredited to access the venue center. A link to media accreditations will be provided.

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HIS 2021 Speakers

Ponomarev Sergey
IBMP RAS Head of the Laboratory
Orlov Oleg
IBMP RAS Director
Grigoriev Anatoly
IBMP RAS Scientific Leader
Savelyev Sergey
ROSCOSMOS Deputy Director General for International Affairs
Mr Dmitry Rogozin
Rogozin Dmitry
ROSCOSMOS Director General
IAA Academician Prof. Anataly Perminov
Perminov Anatoly
IAA Vice-President Scientific Activities
IAA Academician Dr. Elena Fomina
Fomina Elena
IBMP RAS Head of the Laboratory
Jean-Michel Contant
Contant Jean-Michel
IAA Secretary General

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fax: +7 (499) 137-34-79

e-mail:  his2021@confreg.org

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