International Conference on Spacecraft Mission Operations SMOPS 2023

Bangalore, India
Spacecraft Mission Operations SMOPS 20238-9 June 2023
Intro SMOPS 2023
Spacecraft Mission Operations SMOPS 2023

Theme of the Conference: Emerging Technologies for Automation in Ground and Space Segment in satellite mission operations.

This conference is to associate and connect with the various space agencies, start-ups, industry and academia. The conference aims to bring in all space leaders together to share their views on existing technologies and its challenges, while previewing the state of the art technologies that are being conceived globally to make space mission operations more secure and robust. The scope of the conference is to cover a wide range of topics related to mission operations management, advanced mission design, automation, large constellations management, present and future trends in ground station operations etc…while addressing the futuristic techniques in both upstream and downstream segments. This conference will also provide a platform for ISRO to boost the synergy between academia, industry and other space agencies.

Video of the Opening Ceremony is available.

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SMOPS 2023 Opening Ceremony



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