8th Interstellar Symposium

Montreal, Canada
8th Interstellar Symposium10-13 July 2023
In The Light of Other Suns
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8th Interstellar Symposium

The Interstellar Research Group (IRG) in partnership with the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) hereby invites participation in its 8th Interstellar Symposium, hosted by McGill University, to be held from Monday, July 10 through Thursday, July 13, 2023, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This is the first IRG meeting outside of the United States, and we are excited to partner with such a distinguished institution!

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8th Interstellar Symposium

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Physics and Engineering
Propulsion, power, communications, navigation, materials, systems design, extraterrestrial resource utilization, breakthrough physics

Exoplanet discovery and characterization, habitability, solar gravitational focus as a means to image exoplanets

Human Factors
Life support, habitat architecture, worldships, population genetics, psychology, hibernation, finance

Sociology, law, governance, astroarchaeology, trade, cultural evolution

Technosignature and biosignature identification, SETI, the Fermi paradox, von Neumann probes, exoplanet terraformation


Plenary Presentations
Abstract Submission Early Bird Deadline January 15, 2023
Abstract Submission Final Deadline April 21, 2023

Paper Submission Deadline
Conference Manuscript Submission June 23, 2023
Revised Manuscript for Journal Submission September 8, 2023

Work in Progress Posters
Abstract Submission May 20, 2023

Conference Program
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All media needs to be accredited to access the venue center. A link to media accreditations will be provided.

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